Restaurateur Jesse Morreale Joins Forces With Larimer Associates for New North Denver Project

Four years have passed since restaurateur Jesse Morreale exited Denver's dining and club scene with the closure of El Diablo in the summer of 2012 and Rockbar later that year. Disputes with the city over building safety and money distracted from the fact that we lost a great Mexican restaurant, just one in a string of hits for Morreale as front-of -house manager or owner — from Mezcal to La Rumba to Sketch — that helped define Denver's nightlife for more than a decade. But Morreale didn't disappear entirely; he was consulting on a handful of other projects around town and is now ready to launch his first new restaurant in years, a joint project with Larimer Associates/City Street Investors that will open in north Denver, on the edge of the Sunnyside and Highland neighborhoods....(More)